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Releases: lazywinadmin/LazyTS

LazyTS 1.3

07 Jan 03:12
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  • Support for NoConsent prompt: This will ask you if you want to prompt the user for consent when shadowing a session.
  • Minor format fixes

LazyTS 1.2

02 Apr 01:33
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  • Source of LazyTS are now public
  • Functions used inside the script are now external and placed in the folder functions
  • Configuration of the tool is now present in the config.psd1 file. Only some basic information for now (name of the tool, version, project info, author info, default server, ...)
  • Add link for contribution to the project

LazyTS 1.1

05 Mar 02:57
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  • 2015/03/04 Fixed issue when using RDP Shadow and getting the error "This computer name is invalid"
  • 2015/03/02 Fixed issue where you get the message: "Exception calling "Set_Item" with "2" argument(s): "Cannot set Column 'CurrentTime' to be null. Please use DBNull instead.""

New in version 1.1

  • Add support for RDP Shadow (View and Control)
  • Add small highlighting util
  • Fix some minor bugs

LazyTS 1.0

04 Oct 22:10
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  • Session Management: Query/Disconnect/Stop Session(s)
  • Processes Management: Query/Stop Process(es)
  • Notification : Send message to Session(s)