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Public/clone version of Miyamoto-foto, a tool used for uploading original/uncompressed images to a shared group set of albums by year
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A light-weight image management system that interfaces to Flickr for managing raw image files in a year-to-album organized environment.

View an example application at Miyafoto-Clone. user/pass: rick/schwifty, morty/szechuan.

Future TODO

  • admin control screen for managing, deleting albums
  • admin control screen for adding users, updating passwords


  • create and setup new Flickr account (do not use existing account)
  • upload empty image (Flickr requires an album to contain at least one image) with this image
  • update EMPTY_PHOTO value, PROJECT_NAME value in /src/main/java/../ line 65, 66 following this guide
  • follow interactions to get API key and Shared Secret with these Flickr instructions
  • update lines 81, 82 with API key and Shared Secret in /src/main/java/../launch/
  • edit user logins in /src/main/java/../files/ with new group username logins for relative permission
  • edit user logins and corresponding passwords in /src/main/java/../launch/ lines 117-120
  • edit album categories in /src/main/webapp/upload.jsp line 38, /src/main/webapp/viewlist.jsp line 38
  • pair RSS feed in /src/main/webapp/rss.jsp line 40 with your Flickr userId, see this for specific example

Initial Run and Finish Setup

TODO: update this to be a runtime flag

  • uncomment lines in /src/main/java/../launch/ to run authSetup(), comment out Tomcat server setup.
  • run locally and follow command line instructions for finalizing setup
  • uncomment Tomcat setup, hide authSetup()

Running Locally

Make sure you have Java and Maven installed. Also, install the Heroku Toolbelt.

$ git clone
$ cd miyafoto-clone
$ mvn install
$ foreman start web

With default settings, miyafoto should be running on localhost:5000.

Deploying to Heroku

$ heroku create
$ git push heroku master
$ heroku open
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