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  • Audio could be out of sync.
    • could be resolved by use libav/ffmpeg as library.



  • show_region border style and color.
  • no output pixel data. Just discard image data from X.
  • Pointer highlighter (off-screen rendering like mouse pointer drawing):
    • Modifier - Allows to render modifier in text.
      • Could indicate using region border, changing color maybe.


There will be no keybindings in x11grabr, a FIFO will be used to accept commands and to return results. This potentially can be used with frontend, if someone prefers GUI.

  • Add FIFO for commands input and results output.
  • Zooming out to full-screen.
  • Flexible zooming.


  • Changing output pix format - libav/ffmpeg has flexible input format, you can pretty much feed it any kind of format. This would only be implemented if there is such program requires different out pix format.
  • Extensions:
    • Pre-grabbing - allows to modify what will be used to grab the screen.
    • Post-grabbing - extensions will be supplied with image data and they can do whatever they need to.
    • Once this is implemented, draw_mouse can be moved to post-grabbing. follow_mouse and show_region can be moved to pre-grabbing. Users can use different extensions if they don't like the defaults.
  • allows to spawn libav/ffmpeg, so only type in one command
    • eg. ./x11grab -s hd720 -r 25 -- ~/test.mp4
    • or just use libav/ffmpeg as library? That would have better performance and it could resolve audio out of sync issue.

Wish list

Not gonna happen if no one submits patches.

  • Windows
  • Mac