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--- Time tracking & project management on Mantis ---


Companies/Managers which teams have to deal with workload, deadlines and customer contracts (OpenSource projects are generally not concerned by all this).


  • CodevTT offers an easy way to fill timesheets, and grabs information from the Mantis DB to generate reports, statistics, planning, alerts, gantt, and many progress and production indicators.

  • Mantis data and timesheets are kept up to date by the developpers on a daily basis, so the team leader using CodevTT will have realtime information on the project progress without creating any overload on the team members. Progress indicators and Alerts allow him to concentrate on the 'hot points' and waste less time on global supervision.

  • The ServiceContract & Commands view will give you reports and progression indicators for your customer.
  • Statistics on short-medium-long term will help to take the right decisions to increase the team's efficiency and productivity.

  • CodevTT is an efficient link between the team and the management. Its goal is to give concrete and reliable information on your projects/contracts/teams and intends to reduce the management costs of your projects.

Since v1.0.0 CodevTT is production ready, we're now working on a plugin management system so that you can easily customize it to your needs and develop your own specific indicators.


Complete documentation for CodevTT is not yet available but you'll find usefull information here.

Please check the installation forum for more information.