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The backend for a web-based terminal to run commands and code snippets in a sandboxed environment.

Try it out at

demonic in action

Inspired By

Demonic was inspired by the following cool projects:


# get code
git clone
cd demonic-server

# install dependencies
npm install

# copy example config
cp src/config-example.js src/config.js

# edit key, certificate, and passphrase information
vim src/config.js

# run server (if no port number is provided, 12345 in this example, the server will default to port 8181)
npm run start -- 12345

# then you can connect to the server from a demonic client.


# remove this directory
rm -rf demonic-server

Message Protocol

  1. Connection is established between client and server. Client displays user prompt.
user @ demonic >
  1. Client sends user input to the server.
user @ demonic > echo "Wow, I'm in a shell!"\n
  1. Server searches for echo in the list of allowed programs. If found, server spawns the echo process.

  2. Server sends client the output of the command.

{ out: "Wow, I'm in a shell!" }
  1. Client displays output of the command to the user.
user @ demonic > echo "Wow, I'm in a shell!"\n
Wow, I'm in a shell!
  1. Server sends client the exit status of the command.
{ exit: 0 }
  • Client displays user prompt on terminal. Ready for next command!
user @ demonic >

Client to Server

Keyword Data Type Description Example
data String The commands or code sent by the user to be evaulted by the server. print("Wow, I'm in a language!")
lang String What programming language to compile or interpret data. python

Server to Client

Keyword Data Type Description Example
exit Number Exit status of spawned process. 0
draw Boolean Informs client that spawned process will handle output of characters (e.g. vim). false
out String STDOUT of the spawned process. Wow, I'm in a language!
err String STDERR of the spawned process. SyntaxError: EOL while scanning string literal
loading Boolean Informs client that process is ongoing and output is forthcoming. true

Sandbox Setup

The sandbox is composed of a Debian (testing) chroot secured with Firejail.

The following are instructions on how to set up the sandbox from a UNIX host (adapted from Firejail's chroot documentation).

# Set path for sandbox (e.g. /srv/chroot).

# Create sandbox directory.
sudo mkdir -p $CHROOT

# Create Debian filesystem in sandbox.
sudo debootstrap stable $CHROOT

# Change root into the newly created filesystem.
sudo chroot $CHROOT

# Update apt sources.
apt update

# Install desired programs (e.g. cmatrix).
apt install cmatrix

# Install desired languages (e.g. C).
apt install gcc

# (Optional) Setup correct locale for text rendering.
apt install locales
sed -i 's/^# *\(en_US.UTF-8\)/\1/' /etc/locale.gen

# Create non-root user to run programs.
adduser demo

# Exit sandbox.

# Test Firejail chroot.
firejail --chroot=$CHROOT gcc --version

Programs Installed

Program Package
cmatrix cmatrix
cowsay cowsay
fortune fortune-mod
lolcat lolcat
vim vim

Languages Installed

Language Package
Bash bash
C gcc
C++ g++
Go golang
Haskell ghi
Java default-jdk
JavaScript nodejs
Python python3
Racket racket
Ruby ruby
Rust rustc

See Also


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