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Very simple python script - intended to be used in your favorite prompt - that checks the weather in wunderground and returns a string with an unicode icon and the temperature

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A Short Story

My zsh prompt starts with a cute cloud. I have nothing against clouds. I like clouds... But this one was a little bit useless. So I said to myself: Myself, Why don't you put the current weather condition in your prompt? And that's how this happened.


Go to to get your API key (Its free for <=500 queries in a day) Set APIKEY env varible to the API Key you've obtained.

export APIKEY="myapikey"

The script connects to wunderground and asks for the weather for a particular zipcode.

Personaly I have cron job running every 1/2 h storing the weather into my $WEATHER env var... But you could do something useful in many other ways.

The code is the documentation ;)

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