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CDS Invenio v0.99.1 README

CDS Invenio enables you to run your own electronic preprint server,
your own online library catalogue or a digital document system on the
web.  It complies with the Open Archive Initiative metadata harvesting
protocol and uses MARC21 as its underlying bibliographic standard.

CDS Invenio is developed at, and maintained by, the CERN Document
Server Software Consortium.  At CERN, CDS Invenio installation manages
over 600 collections of data, consisting of over 800,000 bibliographic
records, including 400,000 fulltext documents, covering preprints,
articles, books, journals, photographs, videos, and more.  Please
consult <> for details.

We aim at user friendliness and speed.  Among the features are:

  - Navigable collection tree

    . Documents organised in collections
    . Regular and virtual collection trees
    . Customizable portalboxes for each collection
    . At CERN, over 800,000 documents in 500 collections

  - Powerful search engine

    . Specially designed indexes to provide Google-like search speeds
      for repositories of up to 1,500,000 records
    . Customizable simple and advanced search interfaces
    . Combined metadata, fulltext and citation search in one go
    . Results clustering by collection

  - Flexible metadata

    . Standard metadata format (MARC)
    . Handling articles, books, theses, photos, videos, museum objects
      and more
    . Customizable batch imports and web submission lines
    . Customizable output display and linking rules

  - Collaborative features and personalization

    . User-defined document baskets
    . User-defined automated email notification alerts
    . Basket-sharing within user groups
    . Messaging between users
    . Open peer commentin and reviewing of repository documents and in
      group-shared baskets

The CDS Invenio is free software licenced under terms of GNU General
Public Licence (GPL).  It is provided on an "as is" basis.  However,
please note that a support contract can be arranged with the CDS
Development Group in which we, the developers, can help you to
install, configure, and maintain the system (featuring email and
telnet support throughout the year), including development of new
local features should such a need arise.  If you are interested in
concluding a support contract with us, please contact the CDS
Development Group at <>.

CDS Invenio runs on Unix-like systems and requires MySQL database
server and Apache/Python web application server.  Please consult the
INSTALL file for more information.

Good luck, and thanks for choosing CDS Invenio.

       - CDS Development Group
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