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.settings Applied a bunch of patches from Tom Morris (Issue 25, 26 and 27)
ide/eclipse Committing patches by Iain:
lib-src adding ommitted libraries for r813
lib opencsv-2.2.jar patched so that CsvWriter only selectively applies qu…
.project major rewrite of the foundation:
CHANGES.txt Initial implementation of a templating exporter.
LICENSE.txt Added a basic RDF triple importer plus unit tests. Some more work req…
README.txt Committing patches by Iain:
gridworks Committing patches by Iain:
gridworks.bat turns out that /? is the default for help on windows
gridworks.ini - adding the BSD license


                             F r e e b a s e     G r i d w o r k s

  What is this?
  Freebase Gridworks is a power tool that allows you to load data, 
  understand it, clean it up, reconcile it internally, and augment it 
  with data coming from Freebase. All with the comfort and privacy of 
  your own computer.

  Where can I get more information on Gridworks?
  Look at the Gridworks web site

  Licensing and legal issues

  Freebase Gridworks is open source software and is licensed under the BSD license
  located in the LICENSE.txt. See that file also for information on open source
  libraries that Gridworks depends on.


  This software was created by Metaweb Technology Inc. and originally written
  and conceived by David Huynh <>.
  This is the full list of contributors (in chronological order):

   - David Huynh <>
   - Stefano Mazzocchi <>
   - Vishal Talwar <> 
   - Jeff Fry <>
   - Will Moffat <>
   - James Home <>
   - Iain Sproat <>

                                  - o -
   Thank you for your interest.
                                             The Freebase Gridworks Development Team
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