a simple twitter archiving tool using python and mongo
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twarchive - a simple twitter archiving tool

twarchive was created to satsify our need for a simple way to collect and save tweets that
were either issued by the ADS team (@adsabs), were directed to @adsabs, or referenced the 
ADS website (ie, contained the string "adsabs"). Not finding an easy, non-free solution
to this problem we decided to roll our own using python and mongo db.

This is very much an infant project at this point, but will hopefully become more useful
over time as we add additional ways to view the archived tweets.

The idea is to fetch tweets on a daily basis (ie, cronjob) via the http://search.twitter.com 
json API, stash them in mongo, and use either mongo or a web.py interface to pull them back 
out again. 

Fetching is done using a simple python shell script. Each response from the json API contains 
some 'meta' information. Tweets are stored in a mongo collection called 'tweets' and the 
metadata returned for each query is stored in a collection called 'queries'. 

Software needed:
 - python (v2.4)
 - MongoDB (v1.64)
 - pymongo library (v1.9)
 - simplejson
 - web.py (v.34)

Note: software versions mentioned are strictly what we're using internally and are testing 
against. Dunno about required versions, but nothing fancy going on just yet, so you're probably 
OK with whatever.

1. get the software via git clone
2. make sure MongoDB is running
3. issue a query, eg, "./twitter2mongo.py foo bar". The mongo database name will be taken 
    from the first query term, in this case, "foo"
4. view the stored tweets via http://yourhost/twarchive/foo/tweets
5. view the query history via http://yourhost/twarchive/foo/queries
6. you can also, of course, pull the tweets directly out of mongodb. additional methods for doing 
    this will hopefully be added to the twarchive module over time

Example apache config for the web.py script:

    # config for twarchive app
    WSGIScriptAlias /twarchive /var/www/twarchive/www/www.py
    <Directory /var/www/twarchive/www>
        Order Allow,Deny
        Allow from all 

Basic example query:

# fetch for tweets containing "username" and also tweets from @username and to @username
./twitter2mongo.py username from:username to:username