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Code for my talk at PyConAU 2015
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Flask App

Deploying Locally

  • To get started create a virtualenv and install everything in requirements.txt
  • Add environment variables to your environment (necessary environment variables are defined in
  • Initialise the database by running in the scripts folder.
  • Run the app locally by running in the scripts folder.

Deploying to Heroku

Install the heroku toolbelt and run the following commands from within your project folder:
  • 'heroku login' - Logs you into your heroku account
  • 'heroku create' - Create an app with APP_NAME
  • 'heroku git:remote -a APP_NAME' - Adds the correct git remote for dploying to heroku
  • 'heroku addons:create heroku-postgresql:hobby-dev' - Adds a PostgreSQL database to your app
  • 'heroku config:set STORMPATH_API_KEY_ID=xxx' / 'heroku config:set STORMPATH_API_KEY_SECRET=yyy' - Adds your environment variables
  • 'git push heroku master' - Push your app to heroku with git
  • 'heroku run init' - Runs the script to configure your database
If you need to change your database schema you can drop all tables using
  • 'heroku pg:reset DATABASE_URL'
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