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Highlight the lambda operator if ruby_operators is set

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1 parent 64e0cb6 commit ea882ea5d3e683afd01de18fcde20ef0c092a1cb @dkearns dkearns committed Sep 1, 2010
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5 syntax/ruby.vim
@@ -32,8 +32,8 @@ endif
" Operators
if exists("ruby_operators")
- syn match rubyOperator "\%([~!^&|*/%+-]\|\%(class\s*\)\@<!<<\|<=>\|<=\|\%(<\|\<class\s\+\u\w*\s*\)\@<!<[^<]\@=\|===\|==\|=\~\|>>\|>=\|=\@<!>\|\*\*\|\.\.\.\|\.\.\|::\)"
- syn match rubyPseudoOperator "\%(-=\|/=\|\*\*=\|\*=\|&&=\|&=\|&&\|||=\||=\|||\|%=\|+=\|!\~\|!=\)"
+ syn match rubyOperator "[~!^&|*/%+-]\|\%(class\s*\)\@<!<<\|<=>\|<=\|\%(<\|\<class\s\+\u\w*\s*\)\@<!<[^<]\@=\|===\|==\|=\~\|>>\|>=\|=\@<!>\|\*\*\|\.\.\.\|\.\.\|::"
+ syn match rubyOperator "->\|-=\|/=\|\*\*=\|\*=\|&&=\|&=\|&&\|||=\||=\|||\|%=\|+=\|!\~\|!="
syn region rubyBracketOperator matchgroup=rubyOperator start="\%(\w[?!]\=\|[]})]\)\@<=\[\s*" end="\s*]" contains=ALLBUT,@rubyNotTop
@@ -328,7 +328,6 @@ hi def link rubyPredefinedVariable rubyPredefinedIdentifier
hi def link rubySymbol Constant
hi def link rubyKeyword Keyword
hi def link rubyOperator Operator
-hi def link rubyPseudoOperator rubyOperator
hi def link rubyBeginEnd Statement
hi def link rubyAccess Statement
hi def link rubyAttribute Statement

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