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import threading
from http.server import HTTPServer
import socket
import logging as log
import atexit
# get_ip_address
from sh import ip, awk, cut
import prometheus_client
import consul
# Do not use addr and remove the address option from the register function
# if you are running this on a regular instance with a local Consul agent
addr = cut(awk(ip("addr", "show", "dev", "eth0"), "/inet / { print $2 }"), "-d/", "-f1").strip()
# consul should be a hostname that is accessible from the clever app container
c = consul.Consul(host="consul")
def deregister_id(service_id):
def dereg():
return dereg
def start_prometheus_server(name, port_range):
for port in range(*port_range):
httpd = HTTPServer(("", port), prometheus_client.MetricsHandler)
except (OSError, socket.error):
# Python 2 raises socket.error, in Python 3 socket.error is an
# alias for OSError
continue # Try next port
service_id = "{}-{}".format(name, port)
c.agent.service.register(name, service_id=service_id, address=addr, port=port, tags=["prometheus"])
thread = PrometheusEndpointServer(httpd)
thread.daemon = True
thread.start()"Exporting Prometheus /metrics/ on port %s", port)
return # Stop trying ports at this point
class PrometheusEndpointServer(threading.Thread):
"""A thread class that holds an http and makes it serve_forever()."""
def __init__(self, httpd, *args, **kwargs):
self.httpd = httpd
super(PrometheusEndpointServer, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
def run(self):
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