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LBNL Disruption Tolerant Key Management Monitoring for Stream-Processing Architecture for Real-time Cyber-physical Security (DTKM-SPARCS)

This software is a set of signatures that monitor the Disruption-Tolerant Key Management protocol developed by PNNL as part of the DOE CEDS program. It leverages both the Bro Network Security Monitor and the LBNL Stream-Processing Architecture for Real-time Cyber-physical Security (SPARCS).

Tested on bro 2.5.1. Compatible with 2.5.4 stable, not compatible with beta releases (naming changed in beta 2.5.7)


Bro. Central and Fieldsite Bro montitor their individual realm. Please make sure that traffic is mirrored to the Bro instance for inspection (e.g.a port mirror).


Install bro with broker and pybroker. When installing bro, you have to build it yourself with all the public dependencies ./configure --enable-broker

sudo apt-get install cmake make gcc g++ flex bison libpcap-dev libssl-dev python-dev swig zlib1g-dev

This requires the C++ Actor Framework (CAF) version 0.14 ( and swig 1&2&3 to be installed on the system See

Edit the bro and python files in this repo with your ip adresses and credentials

Runing this code

Run this code with /usr/local/bro/bin/bro respectivefile.bro (-r .pcap if replaying) on the respective location. Make sure that traffic is mirrored to the host running this code (e.g via port mirroring, man-in-the-middle etc)

On any device one can run the code that takes messages from Bro and sends it upstream to a RabbitMQ server.


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