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ncpop : a very simple ncurses popup engine

ncpop is a little library to create your own
ncurses menus in python.

This can be (slightly) useful for command-line
extermists who use minimal windows manager.
Especially if you are tired to look for a key
combination for each wifi network you know or
too lazy to connect by hand.

There is a small function provided to relaunch
the app in a new terminal of your choice. It
allows the application to be run from a key
combination. You can also match the terminal
name with your favorite wm to apply special 
appearances to your popups.

Note about security : some of the useful
utilities which can be written using ncprop,
must be run with root privileges.
This means you should be careful when writing
such an application. I suggest moving your
program somewhere safe, like /usr/local/bin
(not as a symlink !), and specifying full 
path name as external programs names. Then,
if you are confident in your app's security
you can add it in the NOPASSWD list of your
sudoers (something bad still can happen,
use it at your own risk).