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Cyclopath is an online bicycle map and trip planner for all types of cyclists. It's also an inventory management and analytics engine for traffic engineers.


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Cyclopath Geowiki Platform

Copyright (c) 2006-2013 Regents of the University of Minnesota.
* For licensing terms, see the file LICENSE.

Contact with questions and comments.

== License ==

This software is open source software under the Apache License 2.0, with one
additional clause. This clause requires you to obtain our permission before
using this software in any system with more than 100 users, and it has a
sunset date.

We are eager to give this permission, and we very much want more geowikis out
there running the Cyclopath software! Generally, we will ask for research
access, to study the use of your system, in exchange. Do contact us at the
e-mail address above if you are interested.

We realize that this clause means that the Cyclopath Geowiki Platform fails
the Debian Free Software Guidelines until it expires. We added it in order to
make the code available as soon as possible while still leaving a window to
avoid competition and to build research relationships.

See the file LICENSE.

A few files and directories have slightly different (but compatible) licenses.
This is noted in the relevant files and directories.

== Additional Requests ==

While the following requests are non-binding, we believe they constitute good
citizenship and would very much appreciate if you abide by them.

* Research access: Cyclopath was created as a research system and has enabled
  many interesting scientific discoveries in the areas of collaborative
  systems, online communities, geographic systems, human-computer interaction,
  and wikis. Further, the funding streams that core Cyclopath Geowiki Platform
  development depends on are research-based. Thus, our ability to study the
  use of Cyclopath-based systems is very important, and we would greatly
  appreciate access to your logs, permission to occasionally send invitations
  to participate in research studies to your users, and other research access.
  If you bring up a geowiki based on this software, please contact us at the
  above e-mail address to discuss research possibilities.

* Giving back: While we do not require you to do so, we do consider it
  unethical to use this free software without giving back to the community in
  some way, particularly if you modify the software. The standard way to do
  this is to participate in the community surrounding the software and to
  contribute your modifications back to the community, but we realize some
  organizations are unable to do this. In this case, financial contributions
  or other support are appropriate.

* For scientists and researchers: If this software benefits your work in a
  substantive way, it is your professional obligation to acknowledge this
  contribution. A brief mention of thanks in your paper's Acknowledgements
  section, explaining how the software benefitted you, or some other similar
  credit, is sufficient. Please also send us a note letting us know of your
  work, as this is very beneficial in obtaining funding, tenure, etc., not to
  mention the possibility that your research may be very interesting to us!

== Naming ==

You may not use this software in any system or product called Cyclopath,
Cyclopath Geowiki Platform, or any variation (in fact, you may not create such
a thing even if you use other software), and you may not use terms such as
Cyclopath, GroupLens Research, and University of Minnesota to imply that your
system or product is endorsed or created by us.

However, you may -- and we encourage you to! -- use phrasing like "based on
the Cyclopath Geowiki Platform", "powered by Cyclopath", "based on Cyclopath
Geowiki Platform technology", etc.

This is essentially identical to how you may use the term Apache; see


Cyclopath is an online bicycle map and trip planner for all types of cyclists. It's also an inventory management and analytics engine for traffic engineers.







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