Tools and scripts for performance testing keystone.
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OSIC Performance Bot

Tools and scripts to assist in the automation of performance testing keystone patches in review.

This repository contains a set of ansible scripts to help deploy a stand-alone keystone service backed by MySQL using OpenStack Ansible's Keystone Role. The plays and variables included in this playbook are minimal, assuming many of the defaults defined by the the OpenStack Ansible project.

What does it do?

The following diagram illustrates the performance automation flow:

How do I run performance on a patch in review?

Keystone performance testing is strictly opt-in. The OSIC Performance Bot will not vote on patches and it will not run performance tests against all patches proposed to the openstack/keystone project. It simply provides a datapoint for contributors to consider when reviewing changes. If a comment is left on an openstack/keystone review containing check performance in the message, the bot will performance test the patch against master and leave a comment on the review when it is finished. The comment will contain the results of the performance run against master and the results of the performance run against keystone built with the patch in review.

Can I use keystone-performance locally?

You sure can, but the scripts in this repository do make some assumptions about the test environment. The performance host used to test patches in review currently tests on Ubuntu 16.04. As stated above, keystone is deployed according to preferences defined by OpenStack Ansible.

Installing a performance node

To install keystone and its dependencies, run the following:


This will install required package dependencies and use OpenStack Ansible to install keystone. The default inventory is coded to run against localhost. The idea models the DevStack perspective of throwing away the host after the tests are finished. Once ansible is finished, the node is ready for performance testing.

Running performance

Included is a script to help perform basic benchmark tests using ApacheBench:


The script assumes all required data has been created by the os_keystone role.

Running performance against a patch up for review

The checkout_change.yml play will pull a change from and install it into the python virtual environment created by OpenStack Ansible. The only piece of information checkout_change.yml needs is the refspec of the change you wish to test. It can be invoked as follows:

ansible-playbook \
    --sudo \
    --inventory-file=inventory_localhost \
    --extra-vars "ref=refs/changes/48/298748/9" \

After checking out and installing the change locally, benchmarks can be rerun using the script.