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Lance Bragstad


OpenStack Architect - Futurewei Technologies, Fargo, North Dakota (July 2017 - present)

  • Initiated, led, and implemented a community-wide effort to standardize role-based access control (RBAC) across OpenStack services
  • Developed, advocated, and facilitated the adoption of a unified limit and quota system for OpenStack services
  • Developed a token format that follows a well-known standard (RFC 7519) to allow for crypto-agility
  • Interfaced with downstream product teams and collected public cloud requirements to implement upstream
  • Elected by peers within the OpenStack community to serve as the Project Team Lead (PTL) for OpenStack's keystone project, coordinating technical and non-technical details for the Pike, Queens, Rocky, and Stein releases (February 2017 - March 2019)
  • Moderated retrospectives throughout each development cycle to find deficiencies in process and capitalize on positive patterns
  • Planned and scheduled identity-related content for events including Project Team Gatherings, Forums, and Summits
  • Elected as a member of the OpenStack Technical Committee focused on the governance of projects underneath the OpenStack namespace (November 2018)

Software Developer - Rackspace, San Antonio, Texas (July 2014 - April 2017)

  • Became a core maintainer of the OpenStack keystone project, responsible for all identity and authorization aspects of OpenStack (July 2014)
  • Worked with a small team of developers to integrate OpenStack's identity component into Rackspace public cloud
  • Led several initiatives to refactor technical debt that hampered the ability to introduce new features
  • Started an open special interest group focused on improving policy management and RBAC across all OpenStack projects
  • Co-developed a method of authenticated encryption that increased the scalability of keystone-backed OpenStack deployments and improved performance up to 85%
  • Developed tooling and automation using ansible to provide performance feedback during the review process
  • Worked with private cloud solution engineers to advise various federated deployments
  • Became one of the initial mentors of the OpenStack Innovation Center (OSIC), a partnership between Intel and Rackspace to improve code quality upstream, increase testing at scale, and foster an environment for new contributors to join the community
  • Conducted onboarding sessions for new contributors in small groups of two or three to groups of 10 to 15
  • Coached new open-source contributors about the value of open design and effective code review practices

OpenStack Software Engineer - IBM, Rochester, Minnesota (June 2012 ­- June 2014)

  • Helped develop and maintain a vanilla OpenStack distribution used by other teams at IBM building cloud products
  • Tested OpenStack deployments using PowerKVM on Power7 and Power8 hardware
  • Deployed and administered production OpenStack environments for internal development teams on Power (PowerVM, PowerKVM) and x86 (Hyper­V, KVM) hardware architectures
  • Executed encryption and copyright analysis for IBM products built on OpenStack projects
  • Contributed to Opscode Chef repositories to enable Chef on PowerKVM distributions
  • Developed OpenStack compute drivers for PowerVM integration with IBM VIOS, HMC, and SAN systems
  • Hosted weekly education forums ranging in topics from cloud computing to the OpenStack contribution process
  • Mentored NDSU OpenStack capstone groups on behalf of IBM (Spring 2013, Spring 2014)
  • Built deployments using Chef and leveraged Jenkins, Gerrit, and Git for internal CI/CD infrastructure


  • B.A., Computer Science, Minor in Music, North Dakota State University - Fargo, North Dakota (May 2012)
  • A.A., Central Lakes College - Brainerd, Minnesota (September 2006 - August 2008)


  • Languages: Python, Golang, Javascript
  • Development tools & deployment tooling: Vi, PyCharm, Git, Gerrit, Github, Jenkins, Zuul, LXC, OpenStack, Ansible
  • Platforms: macOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Red Hat, Debian
  • Certified OpenStack Administrator
  • Named on over 20 patents contributing to IBM's Patent Portfolio


  • IBM OpenStack Contributor - NDSU Capstone, Fargo, North Dakota (January 2012 ­- May 2012)
  • Deployed proof-of-concept and production OpenStack environments built on the Diablo and Essex releases
  • Configured and implemented OpenStack deployment for use by NDSU Computer Science faculty and students

A more detailed version of my résumé and examples of my work are available on my blog

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