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5. Your changes will instantly be reflected on!
+#### Why Use Git?
+Here are some examples of why using Git+Github is so useful:
+- `$ git log` will show a list of every change that has been made to the code from the very beginning, and who authored the change.
+- `$ git reset --hard [commit]` will completely change the directory to the sate it was in after [commit]. Basically, we can rollback to any point in the project's history at any time.
+- `$ git pull` will downlaod all the latest changes from Github and merge them into your current code. This allows everybody to always have the most up-to-date code for the site.
+- `$ git revert [commit]` will reverse any changes brought in with a certain commit. In this way, if somebody pushes something bad to everybody else, reverting that change is very easy.

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