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The LBRN website, written entirely using the Jekyll static site generator.

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This is the source for the LBRN website.

Note: Make sure that you have git and jekyll installed on your computer and have set up git correctly.


  1. Fork this repository
  2. Make your changes to your personal fork
  3. Submit a pull request with a description of the change


Important! Large files such as images and documents (pdf, word, etc) are not pushed to this repository. Instead, they reside in a special files folder that exists on the development and production servers.

Before developing, be sure to copy the files folder into the lbrn-jekyll folder. To get access to the server, consult John Quebedeaux.

  • You can use $ jekyll serve to see your changes on localhost:4000 while you develop. Press ctrl+c to kill the server.

  • Edit the site using whatever editor you like. When you are satisfied with your change, add your changed files.

    $ git add .
  • Commit the changes and add a short message explaining what you changed...

    $ git commit -m "added a new news post"
  • And publish your changes to Github:

    $ git push origin
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