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A native SoundCloud app for macOS, written in SwiftUI

Twitter: @lbrndnr License


Nuage is an independent and open-source project to build a native SoundCloud client for macOS using SwiftUI. Its overall goal is to make listening to tracks on SoundCloud more enjoyable by providing a light-weight and beautiful interface. As of now, the app is still very much in development, lots of features are still missing and the UI needs a lot of work too. So if you want to learn a little bit of SwiftUI or if you have a suggestion regarding the user experience, feel free to open an issue or a merge request.

Note that Nuage is not affiliated in any way to SoundCloud. Nuage uses private APIs which I have not been granted access to, so functionality may break in the future.


You can install Nuage using brew:

$ brew install nuage

or by downloading the latest version right here. Note that Nuage is still in heavy development and on top of that written in SwiftUI, a very young framework. If you encounter a bug or miss a feature, don't hesitate to open a pull request.


Nuage uses StackNavigationView to push views onto the view hierarchy (which is not currently possible with SwiftUI 2) and SoundCloud to access SoundCloud's private API.

Code & Design

Developed by Laurin Brandner, icon designed by Yannick Lung.


Nuage is licensed under the MIT License.