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UPnP for asyncio

aioupnp is a python 3.6-8 library and command line tool to interact with UPnP gateways using asyncio. aioupnp requires the netifaces and defusedxml modules.

Supported devices



Verify python is version 3.6-8

python --version

Installation for normal usage

pip install aioupnp

Installation for development

git clone
cd aioupnp
pip install -e .


aioupnp [-h] [--debug_logging] [--interface=<interface>] [--gateway_address=<gateway_address>]
        [--lan_address=<lan_address>] [--timeout=<timeout>]
        [(--<case sensitive m-search header>=<value>)...]
        command [--<arg name>=<arg>]...


  • help
  • get_external_ip
  • m_search
  • add_port_mapping
  • get_port_mapping_by_index
  • get_redirects
  • get_specific_port_mapping
  • delete_port_mapping
  • get_next_mapping
  • gather_debug_info

To get the documentation for a command

aioupnp help get_external_ip

To get the external ip address

aioupnp get_external_ip

To list the active port mappings on the gateway

aioupnp get_redirects

To set up a TCP port mapping

aioupnp add_port_mapping --external_port=1234 --internal_port=1234 --lan_address=<lan_addr> --description=test --protocol=TCP

To delete a TCP port mapping

aioupnp delete_port_mapping --external_port=1234 --protocol=TCP

M-Search headers

UPnP uses a multicast protocol (SSDP) to locate the gateway. Gateway discovery is automatic by default, but you may provide specific headers for the search to use to override automatic discovery.

If m-search headers are provided as keyword arguments then all of the headers to be used must be provided, in the order they are to be used. For example:

aioupnp --HOST= --MAN=\"ssdp:discover\" --MX=1 --ST=upnp:rootdevice m_search

Using non-default network interfaces

By default, the network device will be automatically discovered. The interface may instead be specified with the --interface, provided before the command to be run. The gateway used on the interface network may be specified with the --gateway_address argument.

aioupnp --interface=wlp4s0 --gateway_address= m_search

Example usage from python

from aioupnp.upnp import UPnP

async def main():
    upnp = await
    print(await upnp.get_external_ip())
    print(await upnp.get_redirects())

    print("adding a port mapping")
    await upnp.add_port_mapping(1234, 'TCP', 1234, upnp.lan_address, 'test mapping')
    print(await upnp.get_redirects())

    print("deleting the port mapping")
    await upnp.delete_port_mapping(1234, 'TCP')
    print(await upnp.get_redirects())


Debug logging

To enable verbose debug logging, add the --debug_logging argument before the command

aioupnp --debug_logging m_search

It really doesn't work

If aioupnp doesn't work with a device, a debugging report can be collected with aioupnp gather_debug_info.

This will attempt to discover the UPnP gateway, and then perform a functionality check where it will request the external address and existing port mappings before attempting to make and remove a port mapping. The final result is the zipped packet dump of these attempts, which allows writing tests replaying it.


This project is MIT licensed. For the full license, see LICENSE.


The primary contact for this project is @jackrobison

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