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@kauffj kauffj released this Sep 20, 2017 · 2710 commits to master since this release

Note: This release contains an upgrade that cannot be quickly reversed. Please do not install this RC on top of existing versions if you want to be able to return to 0.15.x.

LBRY Tipping in Action


  • Added a tipping button to send LBRY Credits to a creator. Credits sent in this way come in to the wallets of creators as supporting claims for the content that was tipped.
  • Added an edit button on published content. Significantly improved UX for editing claims (but more to do).
  • Added theme settings option and new Dark theme.
  • Added a new component for rendering dates and times. This component can render the date and time of a block height, as well.


  • Significantly more detail is shown about past transactions and new filtering options for transactions.
  • File pages now show the time of a publish.
  • The "auth token" displayable on Help offers security warning
  • More form refactoring, including the addition of a barebones Form component (further progress towards form sanity).
  • CSS significantly refactored to support CSS vars (and consequently easy theming).


  • URLs on cards will now show an ellipsis if longer than one line



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