@kauffj kauffj released this Oct 12, 2017 · 1885 commits to master since this release

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New search GIF


  • Added a new search service. Significantly improved search results.
  • Channels now appear in search results. Channel card and display to be improved soon™
  • Add setting to automatically purchase low-cost content without a confirmation dialog
  • New custom styled scrollbar (#574)
  • New tabs (#576)


  • LBRY protocol upgraded from v0.16.1 to v0.17. Several performance and reliability improvements, as well as many bug fixes.
  • Improved Discover page load time by batching all URIs into one API call.
  • Changed the File page to make it clearer how to open the folder for a file.
  • Display search bar on discover page instead of title and remove duplicated icon.
  • Minor update for themes.
  • There is no longer a minimum channel length (#645)
  • Changed the File page to make it clearer how to open the folder for a file
  • The upgrade message is now friendlier and includes a link to the release notes.
  • Local settings refactored and no longer intermixed with LBRY API library.


  • Improve layout (and implementation) of the icon panel in file tiles and cards
  • The folder icon representing a local download now shows up properly on Channel pages (#587)
  • While editing a publish, the URL will no longer change if you select a new file. (#601)
  • Fixed issues with opening the folder for a file (#606)
  • Be consistent with the step property on credit inputs (#604)
  • Fixed unresponsive header (#613)
  • Fixed dark theme issues with text content.
  • Minor css fixes.
  • Fixed issue when file fails to download (#642)
  • Fixed issue after accessing a video without enough credits (#605)
  • Fixed channel fetching without claims (#634)