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@IGassmann IGassmann released this Mar 22, 2018 · 1780 commits to master since this release



  • Save app state when closing to tray (#968)
  • Added startup-troubleshooting FAQ URL to daemon error (#1039)
  • Added ability to export wallet transactions to JSON and CSV format (#976)
  • Add Rewards FAQ to LBRY app (#1041)
  • Notifications when the channel a user subscribes to uploads new content (#1066)
  • Codacy support for Github contributions (#1059)
  • App category for Linux (#877)
  • Add YouTube Sync reward (#1147)
  • Retain previous screen sizing on startup (#338)


  • Update LBRY Protocol to 0.19.1 (See change log for 0.19.0 and 0.19.1)
  • Improved privacy by allowing users to turn off the file view counter and better understand privacy settings (#1074 / #1116)
  • Disabled auto dark mode if dark mode is selected (#1006)
  • Refactor Electron's main process (#951)
  • Refactor lbryuri.js into separate named exports (#957)
  • Keep node_modules up-to-date when yarn.lock changes due to git (#955)
  • Do not kill an existing daemon, instead check if one exists (#973)
  • Enable play button immediately after user clicks download (#987)
  • Significantly improved search performance (#1032)
  • Allow editing of claims when bid is greater than current balance (#1105)


  • Fixed sort by date of published content (#986)
  • Fix night mode start time, set to 9PM (#1050)
  • Disable drag and drop of files into the app (#1045)
  • Fixed uninformative error message (#1046)
  • Update documentation for DevTools and fix some ESLint warnings (#911)
  • Fix right click bug (#928)
  • Fix Election linting errors (#929)
  • App will no longer reset when minimizing to tray (#1042)
  • Error when clicking LBRY URLs when app is closed on macOS (#1119)
  • LBRY URLs not working on Linux (#1120)
  • Fix Windows notifications not showing (#1145)
  • Fix export issues (#1163)

Note for Windows Users: You'll need to accept LBRY through your firewall again. Also, the installation path will change from c:\Program Files (x86)\LBRY to c:\Program Files\LBRY due to a 64 bit upgrade. You can remove the old install by manually deleting the c:\Program Files(x86)\LBRY folder. If you run the uninstaller after upgrading, it may remove your current LBRY shortcuts (rerun the latest installer to fix this).

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