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@tzarebczan tzarebczan released this Jun 26, 2018 · 1192 commits to master since this release

Austen is here, read our blog post!


  • Ability to upload thumbnails through while publishing (#1248)
  • QR code for wallet address to Send and Receive page (#1582)
  • "View on Web" button on file/channel pages with link (#1222)
  • Autoplay downloaded and free media along with toggle (#584)
  • Ability to get latest claims from channel on homepage (currently inactive) (#1267)
  • Confirmation prompt when sending credits (#1525)
  • Ability to right click > copy lbry:// hyperlink on tiles (#1486)
  • Buttons to open log file and log directory on the help page (#1556)
  • Ability to resend verification email (#1492)
  • Keyboard shortcut to quit the app on Windows (#1202)
  • Build for both architectures (x86 and x64) for Windows (#1262)
  • Referral FAQ to Invites screen (#1314)
  • Show exact wallet balance on mouse hover over (#1305)
  • Pre-fill publish URL after clicking "Put something here" link (#1303)
  • 'Go to page' input on channel pagination (#1166)


  • LBRY App UI Redesign 5.0 implemented including new theme, layout, and improved search mechanics (#870) and (#1173)
  • Updated LBRY daemon to 0.20.2 which improves speed and reliability. (v0.20.0, v0.20.1, v0.20.2)
  • Adapted dark mode to redesign (#1269)
  • Show latest claims for across all subscribed channel (no longer grouped by channel) and store sub data in internal database (#1424)
  • New publishes now show as pending on Publishes screen (#1040)
  • Enhanced flair to snackbar (#1313)
  • Made font in price badge larger (#1420)
  • Move rewards logic to interal api (#1509)
  • Narrative about Feature Request on Help Page and Report Page (#1551)


  • Create channel and publish immediately(#1481)
  • Price not updated on tile/file page (#797)
  • Markdown rendering support on show page (#1179)
  • Content address extending outside of visible area (#741)
  • Content-type not shown correctly in file description (#863)
  • Fix Flow (#1197)
  • Black screen on macOS after maximizing LBRY and then closing (#1235)
  • Download percentage indicator overlay (#1271)
  • Alternate row shading for transactions on dark theme (#1355)
  • Don't allow dark mode with automatic night mode enabled (#1005)
  • Description box on Publish (dark theme) (#1356)
  • Price wrapping in price badge (#1420)
  • Spacing in search suggestions (#1422)
  • Text/HTML files don't display correctly in-app anymore (#1379)
  • Notification modals when reward is claimed (#1436) and (#1407)
  • Disabled cards(grayed out) (#1466)
  • New lines not showing correctly after markdown changes (#1504)
  • Claim ID being null when reporting a claim that was not previously downloaded (PR#1530)
  • URI and outpoint not being passed properly to API (#1494)
  • Incorrect markdown preview on url with parentheses (#1570)
  • Fix Linux upgrade path and add manual installation note (#1606)
  • Fix can type in unfocused fields while publishing without selecting file (#1456)
  • Fix navigation button resulting incorrect page designation (#1502)
  • Fix shouldn't allow to open multiple export and choose file dialogs (#1175)

Please note: Linux users will need to update manually from the .deb file (sudo dpkg -i .deb)

Special thanks to our community contributors for their PRs on the redesign: daovist, btzr-io, dan1d, ykris45, kkorte, amitnndn, DaniNz, Bentley912, miikkatu, Grayyyyy, Jeremy1026, Arrowana


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