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Read our Bradbury release blog post here

Note: The Windows smartscreen warning is expected as our digital certificate has been updated. This should go away once enough people have downloaded the app


  • Wallet encryption/decryption user flows in settings (#1785)
  • Suggestions for recommended content on file page (#1845)
  • Auto download setting for subscriptions (#1898)
  • Ability to disable desktop notifications (#1834)
  • Better preview for content (#620)
  • New markdown and docx viewer (#1826)
  • New viewer for human-readable text files (#1826)
  • CSV and JSON viewer (#1410)
  • 3D File viewer features and performance/memory usage improvements (#1870)
  • Desktop notification when publish is completed (#1892)
  • FAQ to Publishing Area (#1833)
  • FAQ to wallet security area (#1917)


  • Upgraded LBRY Protocol to version 0.21.2 fixing a download bug.
  • Searching now shows results by default, including direct lbry:// URL tile (#1875)
  • Replaced checkboxes with toggles throughout app (#1834)
  • Removed price tile when content is Free (#1845)
  • Pass error message from spee.ch API during thumbnail upload (#1840)
  • Use router pattern for rendering file viewer (#1544)
  • Missing word "to" added to the Bid Help Text (#1854)
  • Updated to electron@2 (#1858)


  • Node id not being passed correctly (#1895)
  • Subscription quirks including not loading on startup, sorting, showing new content, and sub blank page (#1872)
  • Upgrade on Close button not dismissing properly during automated app update (#1857)