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@eukreign eukreign released this Sep 23, 2019

[0.42.0] - 2019-09-23

Backwards Incompatible Changes

  • [api] address_list no longer returns a list of strings, instead it returns a list of dictionaries with several fields, including an address field which is the value that used to be the sole response in the previous API; a new argument --address has been added to show details for only a single specific address; the list of addresses is now generated across all accounts in the wallet unless a specific account is passed with --account_id=. (#2464)


  • [new feature] wallet_id based API (#2472) by eukreign
  • [improvement] fix is_valid_address so it checks address checksum (#2468) by shyba
  • [improvement] refactored address_list API to return a richer data type (#2464) by eukreign


  • [improvement] Check invalid names against updated regex so it matches the app (#2473) by shyba


  • [bug] Handle claim_name as a string (#2474) by mirgee
  • [improvement] Fix docopt for claim_search (#2455) by mirgee
  • [improvement] Enable to set max_key_fee to null via cli (#2450) by mirgee


  • [bug] Test sqlite error handling (#2459) by jackrobison


  • [improvement] Fix failing key payment for null max key fee (#2467) by mirgee


  • [improvement] add Flac mime type (#2466) by tzarebczan

Wallet server

  • [new feature] wallet server: add options to set server description, payment address and daily fee (#2463) by shyba
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