@jackrobison jackrobison released this Oct 25, 2017 · 1261 commits to master since this release

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[0.17.1] - 2017-10-25


  • Fixed slow startup for nodes with many lbry files
  • Fixed setting the external ip on startup
  • Fixed session startup not blocking on joining the dht
  • Fixed several parsing bugs that prevented replacing dead dht contacts
  • Fixed lbryid length validation
  • Fixed an old print statement that polluted logs
  • Fixed rpc id length for dht requests


  • Bumped lbryschema requirement to 0.0.13 see changelog
  • Bumped lbryum requirement to 3.1.10 see changelog
  • Use the first port available for the peer and dht ports, starting with the provided values (defaults of 3333 and 4444). This allows multiple lbrynet instances in a LAN with UPnP.
  • Detect a UPnP redirect that didn't get cleaned up on a previous run and use it
  • Bumped jsonschema requirement to 2.6.0
  • Refactor some assert statements to accommodate the PYTHONOPTIMIZE flag set for Android.


  • Added wallet_prefill_addresses command, which distributes credits to multiple addresses