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[0.18.0] - 2017-11-08


  • Fixed amount of close nodes to add to list in case of extension to neighbouring k-buckets
  • Fixed external IP detection via jsonip.com (avoid detecting IPv6)
  • Fixed failing ConnectionManager unit test for parallel connections
  • Fixed race condition between publish and channel_new
  • Fixed incorrect response on attempting to delete blob twice
  • Fixed local node ID reporting in peer list


  • Bumped lbryschema requirement to 0.0.14 see changelog
  • Bumped lbryum requirement to 3.1.11 see changelog
  • Moved BLOB_SIZE from conf.py to MAX_BLOB_SIZE in blob/blob_file.py


  • Added utxo_list command to list unspent transaction outputs
  • Added redundant API server for currency conversion


  • Removed some alternate methods of reading from blob files
  • Removed @AuthJSONRPCServer.queued decorator