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@lbry-bot lbry-bot released this Oct 1, 2018

This is a maintenance release.

Included Fixes:

  1. Return correct transaction error for 'dust'.
  2. Handle multiple add/removal of the same claim in a single block. This requires reindexing!
  3. Handle invalid hash or claimId input on RPC calls.
  4. Off-by-one error in getclaimsintrie RPC method repaired.

Please run with -reindex. And thanks to all the contributors!

Linux SHA256: 0e0050e85dc1aa5f5ddb16e4a02d0a21c4ba4bf4353137d1b8143c1f8da6a5c3
OSX SHA256: fd6bb2104521a28137f8af7370e519e2777db9b474b2d3b460e3d8ebdd591962
Windows SHA256: f71ea2d43166b940b8da319939322dab1a01e4af3b702e6df30273d36ce7e380

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