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@kaykurokawa kaykurokawa released this Dec 7, 2018

This release contains a fix to a critical consensus bug. Users are advised to update immediately.

Included Fixes

Fixed cases where block reorgs can put claimtrie in erroneous state (#243)
Increased default dbcache size to prevent potential crashes while running claimtrie RPC commands (#238)
Fixed bug in unit test fixture which could cause random tests to fail


Marked getclaimtrie as a deprecated RPC command, will be removed in next release
Fixed build to work with newer versions of OpenSSL (#199)
"blockhash" has been added to claimtrie RPC commands (#44)

Linux: 439aa8ff00e672961e0fc9231ce2ecc2bfe54335ab5780902a88f1509d1b8a38
Windows: 43f6aca5cd7cc66e97de1a7014329cb45e0ae486f37ec53536a77b6b1507c9fa
OSX: d52816cf0a54949bef0f3100f6089356613075d2e33510ac75a04ab48b3c478d

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