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This release focuses on reducing the RAM used by the claim trie data structure. Details on the approach are found here: .

This release builds on the effort to rebase lbrycrd on bitcoin 0.17. We've previously published an initial build of that with detailed notes here: . Some of those changes are included in the list below.

Breaking changes:

  1. RPC methods now return UTF-8 data. Claim names that cannot be represented in UTF-8 will utilize standard JSON escape sequences. Claim values (aka, metadata) are returned as hexadecimal strings. They will not utilize escape characters as they have in the past.
  2. RPC method getclaimsintrie is now deprecated and getclaimtrie is removed. Use getnamesintrie instead.
  3. There is a one-time upgrade of the existing data when running this build. Copy your ~/.lbrycrd/ folder first should you need to go back.
  4. Those using Yiimp or other traditional miners will need to run the daemon with -deprecatedrpc=accounts and -deprecatedrpc=validateaddress.

Other changes:

  1. Everything that was added to bitcoin after 0.12 through 0.17! See . This includes the removal of built-in CPU mining.
  2. is now, and utilizes the "depends" build system.
  3. An issue where names with overlapping characters would match each other was repaired (Kenya vs Kenyavshak).
  4. getblocktemplate now supports coinbasetxn for local solo mining.
  5. These issues were fixed: #158, #108, #138, #106, #256, #261, #282, #246, #277, #133
  6. The recent pre-release contains an issue where the validation hash may not match the mined hash. This was repaired in this build.

SHA256 sums:

Darwin: 825af0c416e6c3c8bb4c70ac519a0c7af1fc40422fd83e586783f34104d5ccd1
Linux: ab0ef3da0cbb46b94730707f7fd7a78694046648d81c134deb675060491a126e
Windows: c838f037ee7650f88479c5565d647207ed6cceb5d7693734c89d4b5f953f8664

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