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v0.17.3.2 - getblocktemplate & max TX fee tweaks

@BrannonKing BrannonKing released this
· 12 commits to master since this release
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This is a minor release with the following fixes:

  1. The getblocktemplate RPC method is modified to require the segwit capability flag after segwit goes live on or near December 11. This is to help mining pool hosts know when to enable their pool software's segwit support.
  2. The code to flush to disk after new blocks no longer applies to regtest. (It was slowing the SDK unit tests.)
  3. lbrycrd will crash when names registered on block 539939 (the normalization fork) expire in 7+ years -- fixed in this release.
  4. The default max TX fee was increased from 0.1 LBC to 0.5 LBC.
  5. The "submit/coinbase" flag was removed from the reported getblocktemplate capabilities. The submitblock RPC has never supported this.
  6. When the node starts the current debug.log file will be renamed (and overwrite) debug.log.old. This is different from the old behavior that always shrank the debug.log file to 10MB on startup.

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