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[3.2.0rc10] - 2018-01-07



  • Use lock when performing WalletStorage.write()
  • Fixed sendclaimtoaddress for signed content claims
  • Fixed


  • Improved speed of getunusedaddress
  • Moved storage.write call in getunusedaddress to Deterministic_Wallet
  • By default use the least used change address rather than generating new ones for claims.
  • Only consider addresses with less than 100 utxos for re-use.
  • Set the blockchain to use in lbryschema when it is set in lbryum
  • Use separate headers files for different chains, the default blockchain_headers for lbrycrd_main is unchanged. Regtest headers are saved to regtest_headers, and testnet to testnet_headers.


  • Added getleastusedchangeaddress command
  • Added getleastusedaddress command
  • Added importcertificateinfo and exportcertificateinfo commands
  • Added getcertificatesforsigning command
  • Added lock_wallet, decrypt_wallet, and update_passwords functions and locked property to Commands class
  • Added OS keyring support for storing the wallet encryption password