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Lighthouse - A lightning fast search for the LBRY blockchain
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Lighthouse - A lightning fast search for the LBRY blockchain

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Lighthouse is a lightning-fast advanced search engine API for publications on the lbrycrd with autocomplete capabilities. The official lighthouse instance is live at

What does Lighthouse consist of?

  1. Elasticsearch as a backend db server.
  2. LBRYimport, an importer that imports the claims into the Elasticsearch database.
  3. Lighthouse API server, which serves the API and does all calculations about what to send to the end user.

API Documentation / Usage example

To make a simple search by string:

To get autocomplete suggestions:

The full API documentation



To get started you should clone the git:

git clone

Make sure elasticsearch is running and run (from the lighthouse dir):


Install dependencies:

npm run install --production=false

Build and run Lighthouse:

npm run prod

You are now up and running! You can connect to lighthouse at http://localhost:50005, api documentation is here. Lighthouse will continue syncing in the background. It usually takes ~15 minutes before all claims are up to date in the database.


Contributions to this project are welcome, encouraged, and compensated. For more details, see


This project is MIT Licensed © LBRYio, Filip Nyquist


We take security seriously. Please contact regarding any security issues. Our PGP key is here if you need it.


The primary contact for this project is @tiger5226 (

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