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HoloLens 101: First experiences with holographic computing

My code samples for the Zurich .NET Developer User Group in Zurich

Presentation details, Slides, Video

You can see the video recording and the slides here:


Microsoft HoloLens is a fascinating device, bringing augmented reality (or, to be precise, Mixed Reality) to a whole new level. Completely untethered, this Windows 10 computer is worn on your head, is fanless, has a battery life of a few hours, can run any Windows 10 Universal application, can be used to add virtual objects to the "real reality", and the range of possible applications defies the imagination. Everyone has to start somewhere! And this is where Laurent Bugnion, a 2D programming veteran with 20 years coding experience, but a 3D noob, had to start too. In this session, we will understand what a HoloLens device is, how it works, see live demos, and then see how the 3D development environment is setup. We will use simple examples to understand how coding works in the 3D world and how you can interact with holograms :) This session will be rich in new information and in demos, so come prepared to experience a new reality. And who knows, you might be in the lucky few who get to try the device in 1:1 sessions later!


Contains a simple Unity application that can be deployed to a HoloLens device. Demonstrates how to create a new scene, shoot a RayCast at a hologram, interact with it, etc.


My code samples for the Zurich .NET Developer User Group in Zurich




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