My code samples for the DevSum conference 2016 (Stockholm)
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Windows 10 – The Universal Application: One App To Rule Them All?

My code samples for the DevSum conference 2016 (Stockholm)

Presentation details, Slides, Video

You can see the video recording and the slides here:


Windows 10 and the Universal Windows Platform offer a lot of productivity and flexibility around targeting the broad set of devices that run Windows. As a developer, you have a lot of choice – from building a single binary that is identical on all devices, through to an app that adapts to the type of device and on to the point of building an entirely different app for each class of device. What’s the right thing to do? How should you think about building ‘One App to Rule Them All?’ and what are the trade-offs in both design and implementation that you need to consider? In this session, Laurent Bugnion (Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft Windows Developer MVP, Xamarin MVP) dives into these areas with a hands-on approach and shows what it really means to be building apps across families of Windows devices that have different capabilities.



A simple Windows 10 Universal application


A sample of a functioning SplitView with VisualStateManager. Also contains a sample of RelativePanel.


Shows how a custom trigger for VisualStateManager is implemented.