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Visual Studio Live 2018 in Orlando, Florida

My code samples for the VS Live conference 2018 in Orlando, Florida.

Presentation details, Slides

Azure 101

Abstract: 'There is no cloud, it's just someone else's computer...' That's true. But when this someone else is Microsoft, and takes care of all the maintenance of these huge server farms, you can redirect these resources used to take care of your own infrastructure to other important tasks, such as adding features for your users. However, at first sight, Azure and its huge offering can seem daunting for a new user. In this presentation, Laurent Bugnion, who until recently didn't know much about the cloud, will show you how he got started and how you, too, can take advantage of the services that the Microsoft cloud has to offer. Together we'll discover the Azure Portal, as well as quite a few tools that make your life as a cloud developer easier.

You can see the details and the slides here:

Fast Focus: Serverless Computing - Azure Functions and Xamarin in 20 Minutes

Abstract: One of the most exciting recent additions to Azure is called Functions and it allows the developer to quickly build and deploy code to the cloud without a complicated setup. Also dubbed 'serverless computing', Azure Functions can be triggered by timers, HTTP calls or database operations, and can communicate with other Azure services or mobile and desktop applications such as those made with Xamarin. In this lightning talk, Laurent Bugnion, cloud developer advocate for Microsoft, will give you an introduction to Azure Functions and get you started with this exciting aspect of modern computing.

You can see the details and the slides here:

Azure, Windows and Xamarin: Using the Cloud to Power Your Cross-Platform Applications

Abstract: Most mobile applications are connecting to a server at some point, either to get data that needs to be shown to the user, or to save data collected by the mobile device. This is where Azure has the potential of making your life as a developer much easier. The cloud came a long way, and you can now build cloud infrastructure very easily and for a reasonable cost. New computing models like serverless functions or globally distributed databases are changing the game. What was earlier reserved to large firms with an army of IT pro consultants is now available for everyone with a Web browser. In this session, Microsoft's Cloud Developer Advocate Laurent Bugnion will guide you through this journey and show you how Azure Functions, Cosmos DB, application services (Web apps and Web APIs), Visual Studio App Center, and other features and tools can be used in your cross-platform applications. He'll also talk about the architecture of these mobile clients and see how the whole story can be tested.

You can see the details and the slides here:


My code samples for the VS Live conference 2018 in Orlando, Florida.




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