This Azure sample shows how to use an Azure Function to save Bitcoin values to an Azure Table, and then to get the value and the trend through an HTTP call. It also contains a Windows and Xamarin client apps. Also check
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LbCoinValue - Start

Xamarin and Azure Function Sample: Coin Value

This sample shows two Azure Functions:

  • A Timer Triggered function used to save bitcoin value every hour to an Azure Table. It also sends a notification with Azure AppCenter to all registered devices (Android, iOS and Windows 10) with the value of the Bitcoin and Ethereum coins.
  • An HTTP Triggered function used to get the current bitcoin and ethereum value as well as the current trend (up, flat, down) calculated over the last 10 samples.

In addition you will find a Xamarin application for Android, iOS and for Windows Universal (UWP) connecting to the HTTP Triggered function and displaying the result. The client application also receives the AppCenter push notification and displays it in a local notification.

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