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It beats watching the grass grow!

I just did a Google search:

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That seems to be pretty important to many homebrewers. Nobody agrees what's "right," and about all the Internet can do is help you pass the time in between trips to stare at the airlock.

Wouldn't it be great if someone made something to tell you when your airlock is bubbling? At the very least, it would cut down on your significant other asking you where you are going at 2:00 AM as you tiptoe out of the bedroom by the light of your cellphone. I mean, we're in a day and age where you can ask your television questions. You'd think someone would make something that could help. What if you don't have computers connected to your grain bin and antennas on your growlers?

Enter Brew Bubbles.

alt text

Brew Bubbles will happily count every bubble and report it to you on a web page served by its own web server. Not enough? Brew Bubbles optionally allows you to hook in a couple of very inexpensive and standard temperature probes to display the fermenter and room temperature.

alt text

Still not enough, you say?

Well, if you want to go crazy, you can connect Brew Bubbles to Brewer's Friend and integrate the readings with your recipe journal and see how it all graphs out. Already wired at home? Connect Brew Bubbles into BrewPi Remix or Fermentrack and amaze your friends!

Have I piqued your interest? Want to know how to get started? I'm glad you asked. The average garage handyman can build brew Bubbles for around $10, and it takes all of an hour before you are up and running.

You can hit the website as a jumping-off point. I have prepared full documentation, or you can dive right into the repository here if that's how you'd like to do start.

The Homebrewtalk thread will serve for general support, true bugs should get logged to the issues tracker here.

I really hope some of you will get some use out of this.