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WebVR data exploration tool for Prize Papers data.
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The prize papers WebVR dataset explorer

This tool is a WebVR data exploration tool for the Prize Papers dataset. It was created in order to show the power of WebVR for display and analysis of geo data. This first version was created using plain javascript, nevertheless a more robust structure can/should be created using a framework such as Angular; ReactJS; VUE etc.

Online version can be accessed here:


This application uses the following tools:

A-Frame The main WebVR framework.

aframe-openlayers-component Component used to display and interact with maps and geo data. Allows OpenLayers maps inside A-Frame.

aframe-gui Component used to create VR buttons.

a-framedc Component used to display and interact with charts and chart (non spatial) data.

jquery jQuery version 3.1.1


Just copy the contents of this repository into any http server. E.g. Apache; Nginx etc


For more information about this or other Geo VR tools and techniques please contact the author.

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