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My Smart switch

This project implements a smart switch based on Atmega328 that has the following requirements:

  • Must fit into a wall switch case box
  • Must be as less invasive as possible. Which means I did not want to change anything in my electrical installation, e.g to change my regular switches to push button switches.
  • The physical switch must be available and functional (you don't want your wife to be angry with you because she can't open a light without her cellphone ;) )
  • Even if my smart switch is blocked or dead, the physical switch must still work

Here is the way the Smart switch is to be connected with the 3 way physical switch


For the full description of this project, please consult this post on my website.

I also have 2 videos. The first one showing the project operating a small LED without any problem. The second video shows the project operating a regular light bulb, but with problems.

On the second video, the power supply (HPK-PM01) was not in used yet. The power is provided by the 5V serial connector.

I do not have any idea yet what the problem is. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have a clue of what the problem can be. I'm most likely missing something related to high voltages and noise.



Smart switch based on Atmel328



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