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Main repository for the Opal Project (SWT new widgets library)

The goal of this project is to propose new widgets for the SWT API. Some widgets are new, some others are a port of existing widgets made with Swing.

Important Notice: Project closed

Most widgets of the Opal Project has been included into Eclipse Nebula ( The release V1.0.9 is the last one.

If you want to open an issue, please fill a bug report in Eclipse Bugzilla :

Thank you for your support !

V1.0.9 is out

Version 1.0.9 is ready. It contains 3 bug fixes. You can download

V1.0.8 is out

Version 1.0.8 is ready. It contains 1 bug fix. You can download

V1.0.7 is out

Version 1.0.7 is ready. It contains 1 bug fix. You can download

V1.0.6 is out

Version 1.0.6 is ready. It contains 2 bug fixes. You can download

V1.0.5 is out

Version 1.0.5 is ready. It contains bug fixes and an enhancement (we can put an infinite progress panel on any composite). You can download

V1.0.4 is out

Version 1.0.4 is ready. It contains bug fixes. You can download

V1.0.3 is out

Version 1.0.3 is ready. It contains a bug fix. You can download

V1.0.2 is out

Version 1.0.2 is ready. It contains bug fixes and few enhancements. You can download


Our forum is located at!forum/opal-project

Important notice

The SWT library in the project is the Windows 64-bit version. Please replace the swt.jar file by the appropriate one !

The widgets

Currently Opal contains the following widgets :

  • Multichoice, a tool to select items.
  • TextAssist, an improved Text widget with auto-completion
  • AngleSlider, a angle picker
  • Brushed Metal Composite, a composite that displays a brushed metal texture "à la mac"
  • Dual List, a widget allows the user to select one or many elements, and order them.
  • Infinite progress panel, a widget that displays an animation during long task operations
  • Switch button, another look for checkboxes
  • Gradient composite, a composite that displays a gradient in its background.
  • Image Selector, a fancy image selector,
  • Dialog box, a trivial Task Dialog API for SWT
  • Horizontal Spinner, a horizontal spinner
  • Panels, 2 panels to make your forms nicer
  • CheckBoxGroup, a group with a checkbox. When one clicks on the checkbox, the whole content of the group is deactivated.
  • HeapManager, a widget that displays the available heap size, the current heap size and a button to perform a Garbage Collecting.
  • ColumnBrowser, a widget that displays a tree structure "a la mac" in miller columns.
  • Launcher, a widget used to launch applications, modules or anything, with a simple and fancy zoom effect
  • Header,a widget that displays a header, composed of a title, an image and a description.
  • Titled Separator, an enhanced separator, with a title and/or an image.
  • LoginDialog, a component to authentify users.
  • Tip of the Day, a window that displays the tip of the day.
  • Preference Window, an easy-to-build window that can be used to set up preferences.
  • Range Slider, a slider that allow the user to select a range
  • Prompt Support, an utility class to add a Prompt to Text and Combo widgets !
  • Transition Composite, a widget that display controls like "pages" and manage transitions between each page.
  • Property Table, a widget to edit properties. Each property is given a name, a type, a description.
  • DynamicTableColumns an enhanced table that allow you to set width by using pixels or percentages.
  • Notifier a toaster to notify the user
  • SystemMonitor a widget to monitor some aspects of your system and application.
  • Calculator a widget that displays a Calculator or a Calculator Combo.
  • RoundedToolbar a widget that displays a rounded toolbar.
  • StarRating a widget that displays a star rating component.
  • Breadcrumb a widget that displays a bread crumb.
  • OButton a widget that displays a custom button (Push,Toggle or Arrow).


All previous releases are hosted on Google Drive :

Support the project on Facebook

Thanks to the team for the link to Opal :)

We need you !

Do you have coded extra widgets ? You have tested Opal on Linux and MacOS ? You speak German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Chinese, Portuguese ? Please help us and make Opal better ! Contact us with Google Groups !