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#ifndef CHDB_H
#define CHDB_H
#include <stdint.h>
#define CHDB_VERSION 0
typedef struct __chdb chdb_t;
* Memory-maps a chdb file.
* Returns a handle to the opened chdb, or sets errno and returns
* NULL in case of error.
chdb_t *chdb_open(const char *pathname);
* Closes a memory-mapped chdb file.
void chdb_close(chdb_t *chdb);
* Performs a search for the given 'key' of length 'key_len' in 'chdb'.
* Sets 'value' and 'value_len' and returns 0 in case of success,
* or returns -1 and sets errno otherwise.
* Note that the area of memory 'value' points to after a successful
* call to this function is read-only.
int chdb_get(chdb_t *chdb, const void *key, uint32_t key_len,
const void **value, uint32_t *value_len);
* Provides a set of key-value pairs to be indexed by chdb.
* This structure should be filled in by the user code and passed to
* chdb_create to generate a chdb file.
* - private: a pointer to user data, ignored by chdb
* - count: the number of key-value pairs to be indexed
* - next: a pointer to the iterator function that provides the next
* key-value pair
* - rewind: a pointer to a function that should rewind the reader
* back to the beginning of the set
struct chdb_reader {
void *private;
uint32_t count;
void (*next)(struct chdb_reader *reader,
const void **key, uint32_t *key_len,
const void **value, uint32_t *value_len);
void (*rewind)(struct chdb_reader *reader);
* Generates a chdb file at the given 'pathname' containing the data
* provided by 'reader'.
* Returns 0 in case of success, or sets errno and returns -1 otherwise.
int chdb_create(struct chdb_reader *reader, const char *pathname);
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