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RSS news syndication and publishing system for webmasters and personal use - Integrates SimplePie
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What is ZebraFeeds?

ZebraFeeds is a RSS/ATOM aggregator and feed reader. ZebraFeeds has two main use cases:

  • integration of RSS feeds on your web site or your blog with minimal efforts and high level of customization
  • personal web-based feed reader


  • Supports ATOM/RSS/RDF feeds (through SimplePie)
  • Output customizable by templates
  • Admin area protected by username/password
  • Support for podcasting and videocasting (RSS enclosures)
  • API with JSON and HTML output
  • Uses only flat-text-files, and works without SQL database

And also

  • Supports refreshing feeds by scheduled task (cronjob)
  • Internationalization support : multiple character encodings for output, configurable formatting of date/time data
  • Installer script
  • Stores feed subscriptions in OPML file for easy export
  • See the Documentation for more details


PHP5 with libexpat, mb_strings and curl outbound connections to other sites MUST be allowed.

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