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# Magic Ball
import random
1:'It is certain (這是必然)',
2:'It is decidedly so (肯定是的)',
3:'Without a doubt (不用懷疑)',
4:'Yes, definitely (毫無疑問)',
5:'You may rely on it (你能依靠它)',
6:'As I see it, yes (如我所見,是的)',
7:'Most likely (很有可能)',
8:'Outlook good (外表很好)',
9:'Yes (是的)',
10:'Signs point to yes (種種跡象指出「是的」)',
11:'Reply hazy try again (回覆攏統,再試試)',
12:'Ask again later (待會再問)',
13:'Better not tell you now (最好現在不告訴你)',
14:'Cannot predict now (現在無法預測)',
15:'Concentrate and ask again (專心再問一遍)',
16:'Don\'t count on it (想的美)',
17:'My reply is no (我的回覆是「不」)',
18:'My sources say no (我的來源說「不」)',
19:'Outlook not so good (外表不太好)',
20:'Very doubtful (很可疑)'
while True:
question=input("Enter your question:")
print("Your question =>" + question)
print("My answer =>" + magicMap[magicNum])
if (magicNum > 16 or magicNum < 11):