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Provide tools for two-way syncing Joomla ACL groups with JomSocial groups.
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JomSocial Group Sync

Author: Brian Shaughnessy

JomSocial Group Sync is used to synchronize JomSocial groups with Joomla 1.6+ ACL groups. After creating a sync rule using the component interface, any contacts added to a JomSocial group will be added to corresponding linked Joomla ACL groups (provided the contact has an associated user record), and vice versa.

The extension, consisting of a component and plugin, handles synching when a user is added to an ACL group, when a contact is added to a JomSocial group, and when a rule is created.

To download the package from github, click the download button and choose your preferred format. Or download a past version from the tags list. The single-package installer will install the component and install/enable the plugin.

Please use the github issue tracker to report any bugs.


beta-1 :: 2011-08-31 :: missing sync on JomSocial group save to Joomla, due to limitations in JomSocial event triggers
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