Emulates USB Devices using USBIP in Python or c
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USBIP hardware emulation (Virtual USB device)

Hack fixes for mouse hid work with Linux 4.2 (and Windows 10)

keyboard hid added.

in Linux use:
python hid-xxxx.py for python version
./hid-xxxx for c version
usbip attach -r -b 1-1
(remember to load kernel modules usbip-core and vhci-hcd)

for list device use:
usbip list -r

More details on:

This code uses the USB/IP project: http://usbip.sourceforge.net/ to emulate usb devices.
In this example I showed how to emulate HID mouse device.
This code can be easily changed to support any usb device.
This code is very experimental, use with care.
In the HID example there is a bug with USB/IP driver that causes blue screen on de-attach:
It doesnt happen with other devices I tested.