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Bricks & Pieces helper


  • Jekyll
  • PHP
  • MySQL Database
  • yui-compressor (Optional, for production build)


##PHP part

  1. Setup MySQL credidentials Copy the file config.mysql.php.default to config.mysql.php and edit the new file with you MySQL credidentials.

  2. Setup database You'll find what you need in the db/ folder.

##Jekyll part ###Dev Mode First, why Jekyll?

  • a) Because I'm lazy...
  • b) Because I liked it
  • c) Because when I started this I didn't need PHP... (Feel free to rebuild everything without Jekyll and submit a pull request if you're not lazy like me :p )

Second, if you just want to test the code, you can just build the website with jekyll build and the result (what you upload to the PHP server) will be in the _site/ dorectory.

###Production Mode The production tag simply tell Jekyll to compile the statics pages while pointing to the compressed javascript file and it add my Google Analytics code for the production website. So :

  1. Build the site

    JEKYLL_ENV=production jekyll build
  2. Compress Javascript

    yui-compressor -v _site/assets/js/app.js -o _site/assets/js/app.min.js

Site will be ready for you in the _site/ directory.

##Where to go next. Questions about what when how and when is Bricks and Pieces Helper? See this link or this other link.

Want to contribute? Don't be shy! Submit a pull request and check how the issues section for what's left to do (hint, a lot!)