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A LXD user interface, powered by electron-vue.
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LXDui screen

A simple easy to use GUI for your local LXD server.

No dependencies! simply run the self contained AppImage!

You must be using >= LXD 2.17


  • Create, edit, start, restart, stop, freeze, thaw and snapshot containers.
  • Launch containers from images, from any defined LXD remote e.g: local:, images:, ubuntu:, ubuntu-daily:, production:.
  • Direct access into the containers using xterm.js terminal.
  • Create images from containers.
  • Edit local images.
  • Easily edit core LXD settings.
  • Scripts, launch a container and execute a deployment shell script (not cloud-init so it works with all remotes and you fully see the process).
  • Single click to automatically copy users SSH key to root users authorized_keys file.
  • Service port checks:
    • If port 22 open, shows link to open in file explorer over SSH.
    • If port 80 open, shows link to open in browser.
    • If port 5901 open, shows link to open vncviewer.
  • ngrok HTTP tunnel.

Planned features:

  • Finish off:
    • Create image from snapshot.
  • Manage profiles (configuration done, still need to add devices).
  • Add app settings.
  • Add in-app docs.

Want anything else added? Feel free to open an issue...

Screens Screenshot

XFCE4 over VNC! Screenshot

Downloads (.AppImage)

File Description Platform
LXDui-1.0.0-x86_64.AppImage Version 1.0.0 - Release Notes Linux

As versions are released, they will be posted here: which you can just download and run. Or you can build as shown below. Windows or mac its not supported.

Build Setup

# download source
git clone && cd lxd-ui

# install dependencies
npm install

# build application - built app will be in: ./build
npm run build

Developer Setup

# download source
git clone && cd lxd-ui

# install dependencies
npm install

# serve with hot reload
npm run dev

# run unit & end-to-end tests
npm test

# lint all JS/Vue component files in `src/`
npm run lint


  • Home and Containers pages hang :( - This will happen if you have an older version of LXD installed or you have recently installed the LXD snap without removing the old apt version of lxd and the lxd-client, the app does not check for lxd.lxc but instead expects the standard lxc commands to hit the correct binary.

If you encounter anything else which does not work, please open an issue.

Developer Support / Sponsor

If you enjoy using this app and want to show your appreciation, please feel free to make a donation, thanks.

Built with electron-vue.

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